Ryan Bucks Trump: We’re Not Raising Tariffs on Companies To Stay In Country

I think Speaker [score]Paul Ryan[/score] is still pissed off how yesterday’s gut vote turned out where the House Republicans reversed course on gutting the Ethics Office.

On Tuesday the GOP representatives in Congress decided they wanted to get the ethics office and put it to a vote and it passed. Donald Trump along with Americans who are watching we’re not happy the first order of business these politicians decided to take up was this action.

Before the end of the day the Republicans reversed their decision, and now it seems that Speaker Ryan is playing politics by publicly telling companies in America they will not back President-elect Trump’s decision to tax companies for leaving the United States.

From Roll Call:

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, in a break from President-elect Donald Trump, said Wednesday that Congress is not going to increase taxes on imports and exports.

We’re not going to be raising tariffs,” Ryan said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Trump has called for a “big border tax” on companies that leave the United States but continue to sell their goods here.

Ryan said, “the secret” to getting businesses to stay in the country is to level the playing field on taxes, lowering taxes for businesses, not increasing them.

In signs of another gap with the president-elect, Ryan called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a “sycophant for Russia.”

Hewitt had asked Ryan for his personal opinion on Assange after the speaker declined to comment on Trump’s Wednesday morning tweet quoting Assange saying “a 14-year-old could have hacked [John] Podesta,” who served as campaign chairman for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and that Russia did not leak the information.

Ryan said the secret to getting businesses to stay is lowering taxes? If that’s the case, why haven’t they done it yet? Politicians don’t believe in lowering taxes, or they would have been done years ago.

This is going to cause some problems between Speaker Ryan and Pres. Trump. The American people will side with Trump because in the grand scheme of things, keeping America’s companies in America is the right thing to do.

With all the regulations Congress has slapped on these corporations/companies, they are’s choking the growth of America.

Trump sees this, American voters see this but the politicians do not. That’s where the rubber hits the road. What do you think of Ryan’s statement?

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Wayne Dupree

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