Jailed Russian Claims FBI Offered Him Perks If He Confessed To Hacking Hillary’s Emails

Yevgeny Nikulin, currently jailed in a Czech Republic prison, claims the FBI offered him money and citizenship if he would accept responsibility for the Clinton email cyberattacks.

Shall we believe this criminal hacker or not? Does his story add up? Nikulin is coming out seemingly as if has nothing to lose. Why would he lie about this?

The FBI is under scrutiny for running a 7-9 month long investigation into the hacking of Clinton campaign emails. He’s claiming he was offered money and perks if he would cop to the charges.

Source: Washington Times

Yevgeny Nikulin, the alleged hacker, laid the claim to Russian media Thursday in a letter sent from a Czech Republic prison cell amid an international extradition battle currently underway between Washington and Moscow.

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FBI agents promised Mr. Nikulin money, American citizenship and a free apartment for taking the fall over hacking Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, he alleged in a letter published Thursday by Nastoyashchoe Vremya, a Russian-language website.

“[They told me:] you will have to confess to breaking into Clinton’s inbox for [President Trump] on behalf of [Russian President Vladimir Putin],” Mr. Nikulin wrote, as translated by The Moscow Times.

He was offered to falsely testify that he was cooperating in the attack on the Democratic Party,” defense attorney Martin Sadilek said Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

The FBI declined to comment.

The way I look at things, if the FBI didn’t do this, they would have said “we didn’t do this or have any knowledge of this man’s statement.” If the young man has proof, that could be a reason why the FBI won’t make a comment.

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What should we believe? Do you think this young man is credible? Share your opinion below in the comment section.

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