Rubio WILL support the GOP nominee but rebukes Trump foreign policy

That didn’t take long.

On Monday, Sen. Marco Rubio publicly stated he didn’t want to be part of Donald Trump’s campaign or be nominated for the VP slot. Today, he came out swinging against the presumptive nominee’s foreign policy but when asked would he support Trump, he said he would (in the video below).

There are many differences between Rubio and Trump and I thought Rubio would have been a choice, maybe not great, but a choice for VP. That’s why I have my own opinion on things.

From CNN:

The Florida Republican sharply rebuked Trump’s arguments that the U.S. should scale down its global presence in favor of focusing on domestic problems and argued that U.S. engagement around the world remains key to a healthy U.S. economy and national security. Rubio, speaking at the Hudson Institute here, framed his remarks in the context of the presidential race and pointed to policies Trump has adopted as central to his presidential campaign.

“It’s a lot easier to say let’s walk away. It’s a lot easier to say for example, why do we give all this money to NATO and these other people do not? It’s easier to say that than to explain what would happen if you didn’t,” Rubio said, alluding to Trump’s views on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. “While it is true that there are certainly consequences and complexities presented by our engagement, I still think a world without our engagement is not a world we want to live in.”

“If we are not engaged in the world, the price will pay will be much higher in the long run than the price we pay to be engaged,” he added.

What do you make of these statements by Rubio? Is it typical to say one thing and then say another? Share your comments below.

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