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Rubio surrogate Trey Gowdy has video message for Ted Cruz about his false attacks – He went there!

SC House Representative had words for GOP Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz regarding his latest attacks that included ads being taken off of TV media in the palmetto state and a facebook page that was erected to give false information about Gowdy switching sides to support Cruz.

On Thursday, while on the Rubio campaign bus, Gowdy went after Cruz and his campaign for the shenanigans of not playing fair when it came to running for the highest office in the land.

“Do not mind tough politics but it has to be fair, it has to be accurate, the truth matters”

“So when you run ads that have to be taken down because they are factually deficient, they’re so factually deficient they have to be taken down. And when you run ads they are so fake that you photoshop somebody’s head on somebody’s body, come on!”

Watch the rest of the video here:

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h/t – YouTube (Marco Rubio)

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