Rubio: “My presidential run would be over if my campaign manager forcibly grabbed reporter”; It is over, actually!

Your campaign is over Marco.

According to the latest polls, the GOP front-runner has pulled farther ahead of Sen. [score]Marco Rubio[/score] in the polls hours before voters take to the ballot box to choose their GOP nominee.

Instead of cultivating his message and strengthening it with every lasting minute, he decides to speak out on an issue that has nothing to do with his campaign.


Now I have left the Breitbart-Michelle Fields-Ben Shapiro story alone because that’s family business. There’s video; words have been exchanged, but it’s not a huge story. The mainstream media is trying to associate it with Trump before Super Tuesday to once again bring him down, but it doesn’t have legs.

Now Rubio wants to weigh in and even though I am not a supporter, I think it’s bad timing and a bad idea!

From Politico:

Marco Rubio said Monday that his presidential run would be over if his campaign manager forcibly grabbed a reporter, as Donald Trump’s top aide has been accused of doing to a Breitbart reporter.

The Florida senator told conservative radio host Mike Gallagher that if Corey Lewandowski really did grab Michelle Fields, the Breitbart reporter who resigned on Sunday, “it’s one more example of what’s happening here at these events.”

“If my campaign manager had done that, my campaign would be over. He would have had to resign, and my campaign may be over. I would have had to quit that very day,” Rubio said.

Do you think Rubio should join this internet family-infighting or should he stay with his campaign? Share your views below in the comment section and let us know what you think.

h/t – Politico


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