Rubio LA delegates RIPS media — Stop reporting we’re all switching to Cruz!

Five Louisiana GOP delegates who pledged to support Sen. Marco Rubio during the campaign have drafted a letter to the media telling them to stop reporting they are all moving to Sen. Ted Cruz.

Four of the five delegates have signed a letter saying they would be uncommitted until the convention. What does that tell me? The media has been producing another round of false narratives and lay to temper Donald Trump voter’s enthusiasm.

It’s a hit job on the GOP front-runner, and it’s so blatantly obvious. They were unable to defeat him during the last eight months on the campaign trail so, in essence, I feel they are purposely delivering stories of negativity, bad polls, and damaging soundbites to take Trump down.


From The Hill:

“I’m reading all over social media and the press that we’re going one way as a group, but that’s just not accurate,” said Luke Letlow, a Rubio delegate who is chief of staff for Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-La.). “It’s left us to get the message out that we haven’t chosen a side and that we remain uncommitted.”

“Any reporting of our intention to support one candidate over another before that time is simply not accurate,” the letter states.

“Sometimes I wake up at four in the morning thinking about it and I just can’t go back to sleep,” he said. “Half my friends say Trump, the other half say Cruz, so they’re not helping me out. Some mornings I wake up leaning one way, others I wake up leaning another.”

One delegate says the was visited by the Trump campaign in person while Cruz hadn’t reached out at all.

“It flies in the face of the conventional wisdom about who is doing a better job of reaching out to the unpledged delegates,” he said.

On of the delegates Leslie Tassin Sr., said he was assured Trump wasn’t going to sue the party of disenfranchising unbound delegates, which is something a few of them were worried.

I think it might be proper for Trump to make some public statement, so it calms some nerves, but I am on the outside looking. Trump continues to amaze and prove a lot of experts wrong.

Now do you see how evil our media is? Do you see just how calculating they are when they don’t get their way? Share your opinions (below) and let us know what you think of the media’s attempt to ruin the GOP once again.

h/t – The Hill

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