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Roy Moore Accuser Admits Doctoring Yearbook Inscription

In a stunning turn of events, Beverly Young Nelson who claimed Roy Moore signed her yearbook has just admitted to forgery.

Ladies and gentleman, try doing an online search of the statute about disinformation in an election, and all you will find is “Russia, Trump, Russia, Trump.” However, Ms. Nelson is guilty of disinformation under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 29 on election fraud. She should be prosecuted for attempting to affect the outcome of an election that has national consequences. So sick of the liars trying to get away with this.

Nelson agrees she made a change to the signature she claimed was authentic.

You’ll be leading with this tonight, right Rachel Maddow?  Chris Matthews? Lawrence O’Donnell? What? No room in the DNC propaganda mill for this one?

Is she lying now or was she lying then? Both times? All the time? Attorney Gloria Allred should be arrested for contributing to this hoax. Also, arrest the accusers.

Source: Fox News

If all the other facts Nelson provided are true, why was it necessary to add the date to the yearbook signature? I knew the signature was fake when Allred refused to allow a handwriting expert to examine it and claimed that even if it was a forgery, everything else Nelson said was true. (Related: Moore’s Accuser and Lawyer Allred Won’t Release Yearbook for Independent Analysis)

If Trump doesn’t tweet about beforehand, you can bet he’ll bring it up during his rally in Pensacola, FL (a cough away from the Alabama border) tonight.

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You can be certain that the date was not the only forgery. I’m confident the entire thing was fake, otherwise why admit to just the date but still not an independent handwriting analysis review the entire thing. Definitely a dirty Democrat set up for which they are known for.

A signature on a yearbook is not evidence of groping, grabbing, unwanted kissing or any of the other nonsense this woman claims Moore did to her. She has no case against him.

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