ROTFL – Obama Traveling Campaign Press Secretary: Romney Failed on Facts

“Mitt Romney may have scored some style points during his theatrical, well-practiced debate performance last night, but at the end of the day, he failed on the facts,” said Jennifer Psaki, the traveling secretary for the Obama For America campaign.

Speaking this morning on America’s Newsroom, Psaki argued that Romney’s talking points were factually inconsistent, and she criticized his plans to “double down” on voucherizing Medicare along with his use of a “magic calculator” and his policy on education.

Psaki did, however, concede that Romney “delivered on his attack lines,” but added that she doesn’t think “the American people are looking for an attacker-in-chief.”

Psaki then addressed snap polls taken after the debate which show that Romney might be gaining momentum, but stated, “I don’t think you can judge the long-term impact of a debate by insta-polls (on) the night of the debate.”

Via FoxnewsInsider

Wayne Dupree

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