After Reading This Tweet From Rosie, You Can Tell She Failed Civics!

Rosie O’Donnell probably didn’t get her GED with the other Hollyweird clingers or she wouldn’t have spent a few minutes tweeting this out to her massive group.

We usually tell liberal voters on a regular basis that Hollywood actors and also-rans are not where anyone should have their political tents pitched.

Let’s sort of pick this apart to play along. If number one happens which it will not but if it does and Trump is removed from office, Mike Pence becomes the President Of the United States, so Sessions isn’t going anywhere. Even if Trump and Pence were to leave office, Justice Neil Gorsuch stays on the bench. A sitting President or active Congress can’t remove a Supreme Court Judge.

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Rosie then promotes Merrick Garland I guess to the Supreme Court as she said he’s “sworn in,” but didn’t say whether that was as POTUS or not.

I could keep on but I am tired and she’s an idiot. Trump will continue as our Commander-in-chief and the nation will be the better for it. Rosie can leave the country if she wants to and come back after 2028 and try her chances then but she’s out of luck at this point.

Maybe she can take some remedial civics classes between now and then, what do you think?

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Wayne Dupree

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