ABC Floating Idea Of Continuing Roseanne Show Centered Around Daughter

Nobody wants a snowflake liberal hypocrisy version of the Roseanne show. Liberals always take conservative ideas and mess them up.

It seems liberals are trying to catch the Roseanne lightning in a bottle and sell it to the masses, but it won’t work. Talks are progressing to star her daughter in the sequel to the reboot. In my opinion, it will not last the one season it will be on.

Love her, hate her, Roseanne has always been around Roseanne. Darlene as a character is barely watchable. She is just too damn angry all of the time. A show around John Goodman as a widower I think would be much more successful and have a better chance of getting a season two.

The hit reboot was centered around a Trump supporting matriarch who was dealing with a liberal family that didn’t support her views. To recast the show without her won’t get you ratings, only heartbreak.

Source: Yahoo News

ABC may be throwing Roseanne a lifeline — without star Roseanne Barr. The network is reportedly toying with the idea of rebooting the show around Sara Gilbert’s character, Darlene.

According to TVLine, Darlene was one of five offshoots proposed to the network in the wake of Tuesday’s drama. TMZ reports that Gilbert has been calling cast members to gauge their interest, and John Goodman seems eager. Tom Werner, whose company produced Roseanne, is also involved in the effort, according to the outlet. CNN has confirmed the reports as well.

The show is called Rosanne for a reason. What they should have done was publicly rebuke Rosanne then added the real controversy to a storyline, with her character saying something online that is racist and all hell breaking loose, but Rosanne and the family dealing with it.

Rosanne was the show, take her off, and all you have is John Goodman surrounded by awful actors. Metcalf overacts every scene and is laughable, and Gilbert is consistently monotone with zero emotion. They can’t act, it is a simple as that. The show is done unless Rosanne is coming back.

Roseanne lost her show this past week because she tweeted that Valerie Jarrett looked like the offspring of something from the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet Of the Apes. Jarrett isn’t worth the country having to give up Roseanne. She will probably be arrested soon anyway.

Channing Dungey, the president of ABC Entertainment, is the one that dropped the hammer on Roseanne’s show. Her hasty overreacting led to the firing of Roseanne and not only cost the network millions in money wasted and millions in future revenue but also cost valued staff their jobs and it cost the fans the loss of one of our favorite shows.

Dungey’s decision also opened up the hypocrisy of the network hiring black comedians who use racism in their shows and lifestyles, targeting Republicans, conservatives and white presidents such as George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump.

I think Roseanne owns at last part of that show, No way she lets them use the Roseanne name without her. They are gonna have to call it ‘Darlene.’ Enough already, move on.

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