Romney Advisor Eric Fehrnstorm Goes Rogue | Remind Him He’s not the Story and Fire Him!

I am not sure who this man is and why he’s saying some of the things that he is but have you ever heard about the Judas betrayal. What Fehrnstorm did on MSNBC no less has the Democrats having a party with balloons and cake.

On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s senior campaign advisor Eric Fehrnstrom told MSNBC that the Romney campaign believes that the individual mandate within President Barack Obama’ health care reform law is a penalty and not a tax. In refuting the Supreme Court’s Thursday decision to uphold the law, Fehrnstrom single-handedly put the Romney campaign on the same page with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Recently, friends of Romney’s effort to retake the presidency have advised the candidate to hire some real political professionals in order to jumpstart his campaign. Romney should heed that advice and clean house – starting with Fehrnstrom.

When asked by NBC News’ political analyst Chuck Todd how the Romney campaign reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision, Fehrnstrom allowed himself to be boxed into a corner where he found himself agreeing with the White House and Congressional Democrats.

“What we put in place in Massachusetts is a penalty and [Romney] disagrees with the Court’s ruling that it is a tax,” he said.

“So he agrees with the President,” Todd followed up.

“That’s correct,” Fehrnstrom replied.

… Come again?

I understand that the Romney campaign is particularly wary of having a conversation on health care reform, given Romney’s having put a similar law in place when he served as the governor of Massachusetts – but I cannot believe that this is how the Romney camp wanted to frame this issue.

This is amateurism. Ferhnstrom may have done possibly irreparable damage to the Republican case that a Romney administration would lead the charge to repeal this law in total (a path favored by clear majorities or pluralities consistently since the law was passed).

Romney’s Campaign Should Heed Advice To Clean House, Starting With Eric Fehrnstrom

Wayne Dupree

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