Martin — Democrats Should Go Into Southern States And Make Pitch To Poor White People

Former CNN contributor Roland Martin made a play for poor, white voters in southern states to start supporting the Democrat Party.

Martin took a page from President Trump’s campaign “What do you have to lose,” while speaking with Ari Melber from MSNBC. Martin feels that Democrats are afraid to speak to southern white voters and challenged them to reach out to those who have lingered in poverty for so many years while voting Republican.

Martin is a strong supporter of Mississippi Democrat candidate Mike Espy who is leading the polls in an election U.S. Senate run-off. His opponent Cindy Hyde-Smith refused to debate conservative Chris McDaniel and now is in the fight of her life against upstart Espy. Martin is watching how Espy is making the race into a tight, competitive fight that he can win; he is using the bullhorn to rally Democrats leaders to do the same with the poor white voter that usually votes Republican.

Martin went on to argue that Espy can win in Mississippi if he gets high African American turnout — but MSNBC host Ali Velshi countered by asking if the Democrat could get enough white votes in the state to claim victory.

“Democrats have to be willing to go into rural Mississippi and literally look white, poor people in the eye and say, ‘Let me ask you a question. How has it been voting for Republicans in this state, how has it actually helped you get out of poverty?’ Answer the question,” Martin said.

I dare say Democrats should go into Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, go into Louisiana and go into those states and look at broke white folks and say, ‘What are you going to do? You’re still broke, you still have bad education, you still have bad health care. What the hell do you have to lose!?‘”

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