Rohrabacher To CNN Anchor: “This Isn’t A News Operation”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher thought he was supposed to join CNN anchor Ana Cabrera to speak about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Thursday decision about cannabis; it got out of hand quickly.

When networks bring you on to speak on a certain subject, they usually give you a range of topics through email as they confirm you are going to appear. What happens in the industry is news changes every minute so they will change the topic on through email four or five times before they settle on the main topic which can change even when you are in the chair.

I don’t know how much they do this to Democrats, but this can make us batty and crazy. I think they do it on purpose, so it makes us look stupid or out of touch. Rohrabacher was on point during this interview though. He held Cabrera’s feet to the fire and at one point in time, got so fed up with the questioning he told the host, CNN wasn’t a “news operation.”

You know that had to sting a little bit. Here are a few excerpts from Rohrabacher’s interview:

Maybe somebody who is your guest should be able to say a few words,” the GOP lawmaker exclaimed. “Your last interviews had nobody on the other side of the issue coming in to have the discussion with CNN.”

“Please, you might let me make my point before you interrupt me and try to refute me,” Rohrabacher told Cabrera after she tried to insert some context. “This isn’t a news operation! This what is the president is upset about. He’s not getting a fair share from you and from the other media and things like this that will try to build into something sinister has happened.”

No disrespect? I got no respect. No disrespect? You don’t respect Trump, you don’t respect people who disagree with you politically and that’s why the news media which has an agenda drives special prosecutors. You don’t want a special prosecutor unless he’s looking at a special issue. That’s when you do it. We’ve already seen Manafort, here he is, I mean, having to face the onslaught of things he had — that had nothing to do with Trump’s collusion with Russia.”

She appears rude, flustered, unprofessional and unable to achieve her goal of tainting everything that isn’t to her liking. Journalist?

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The poor girl looked like she ate a frog! Her mouth was twitching, she was squirming, and she lost so badly. They asked Rohrabacher to come on to talk about Session’s marijuana policy, then did a switcheroo. Rohrabacher is right. It’s not a news operation.

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