Rob Lowe Receives BACKLASH From Hollywood Liberals After Hilarious Elizabeth Warren Tweet

Rob Lowe tweeted and then deleted the tweet after the ground started to swell in anger and disappointment from progressives that support Democrats in Tinseltown.

Here is the tweet that got the former “West Wing” actor in trouble with Hollyweird.

That’s when his “friends” quickly went after him for his wit. Here are just a few responses:

I can not believe that Lowe pulled that tweet. It was really funny and very accurate to boot. As for the Hollywood minion like Mark Hamill and the other above; if they don’t like the tweet then stop reading the tweet.

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Warren’s unethical and possibly illegal acts include falsifying admissions forms, falsifying applications, falsifying myriad other documents and lying about being an American Indian. Why is she even a candidate?

Warren misrepresented herself to get lower tuition and career advancement which she claimed, she never did. Why aren’t you liberals throwing a hissy fit over that?

Hollywood loves to joke around and slam others — unless it’s them or one of theirs. This incompetent liar FINALLY “apologized” for making this claim (after she was busted for it) but is yet to take responsibility for it. Will she pay back the money she fraudulently received from Harvard? Or anyone else she defrauded with this false claim? I highly doubt it. Then she says we “need someone we can trust?”

Warren and her followers live by two essential principles: We are all minorities and we are all victims. Women are victims. The middle class is victims. Old people are victims. Young people are victims. And of course, all people of color and all people who are LGBTQ are uber victims. No, they aren’t. They are the beneficiaries of the most open and tolerant society in the history of mankind.

What should be more offensive is this woman’s misuse of minority status. She should be a liberal pariah instead of a candidate for president. Just goes to show where the Democrats heads are

What a shame, Americans have lost their sense of humor. I have listened to this woman being interviewed and I find the idea of her running for president funny as hell. As for the jokes about her heritage, she brought it upon herself.

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