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This Road Worker Was Sent Spinning In The Air By A Speeding Car; Police Still Looking For Driver!

Xolele Phindela, 32, a road worker was struck by a car that left him with serious injuries following the collision that had him helplessly spinning in the air.

The collision was captured by chance by eyewitnesses on their dash cam, which then shows how the victim almost hit their car as he plunged head first between them and the Toyota Avanza.

Eyewitnesses estimate that the Avanza was overtaking at between 90 and 100 km an hour in an 80km/h zone when it hit the victim, of Cape Town, South Africa.

Phindela’s spiralling spade, also captured on the footage, also miraculously misses hitting any vehicle.

Elri DeMeillon, a passenger in the dash cam car driven by her husband Lyndon, said: “At first when it happened I thought he had a lost an arm or a leg from the impact. [Mirror]

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According to The Mirror, the DeMeillons, the family that caught the incident on camera have been checking with police regularly to see if they have found any leads and have been frustrated the cops seem not to be taking this accident seriously.

“A human being was hit and our family was endangered so when the police didn’t call us I followed up. It’s a serious case. But when I spoke to a colonel at Grabouw police station she didn’t seem interested in talking to me.

“She told me there was no case against the driver and no evidence of reckless driving, but promised to call me back the next day when she heard about our video. But I still haven’t heard a word from them.”
The police have not been able to locate the driver of the road accident which also reminds me of another hit and run accident that local officials are looking for the driver.

What a vile and disgusting driver. I hope they are found and arrested for attempted manslaughter.




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