R. Kelly Released Again After Fan Pays His Child Support Payments

I can’t believe that someone else has stepped up to pay R&B singer R. Kelly’s child support payment of $161,000. Just last week, someone paid the earlier bail after he

With that payment, Kelly has been released from a Cook County jail. As the singer left jail, a woman, presumably a fan, screamed: “I love you, please touch my hand!”

On Wednesday, Kelly was ordered into custody after failing to pay the child support payment. His team offered to pay $50-$60K but that wasn’t enough to secure the debt.

Kelly has maintained his innocence and pleaded not guilty to these latest charges.

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Kelly joined CBS Gayle King and threw a tantrum on how people were after him and stole money from his bank accounts. Kelly has been a target of an online boycott campaign, and his recording contract has been cancelled after a television documentary interviewed alleged sexual assault victims.

R&B singer R. Kelly walked out of a Chicago jail on Saturday, shortly after someone paid $161,000 that he owed in back child support.

Kelly was ordered taken into custody on Wednesday by a judge after he said that he did not have the entire $161,000 he owed in child support. As is done with other high-profile inmates, Kelly was held in a solo cell under round-the-clock observation.

Sophia Ansari, a spokeswoman for Cook County Sheriff’s Department, which operates the jail, did not immediately know who paid the back child support.

The trip to jail was Kelly’s second in a matter of weeks. Last month, after he was charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse pertaining to four women, including three who were minors when the alleged abuse occurred, he was taken to the same jail. Kelly, whose attorney said at the time that the singer’s finances were in disarray, then spent a weekend in jail before a 47-year-old suburban Chicago business owner posted his $100,000 bail. [excerpt via AP News]

Point of fact his liberal friends do NOT care about what he’s done. But they can’t very well scream about a 30-year-old alleged encounter between Brett Kavanaugh and that crazy woman (which even if it was true-which I do not believe for a second-was between two similarly aged teenagers and involved at most a groping). Juxtapose that with VIDEO of Kelly raping a 14-year-old (14 year olds cannot consent) and it’s pretty hard for them to find a position for themselves.

Their #metoo movement has backfired as it requires them to, at least publicly, condemn their own pedophiles, rapists, sadists, etc. But-only so that they can try to claim some moral high ground so that they can use unproven allegations from last century to try to attack conservatives.

I mean-the standing ovation they gave Roman Polanski after he had been convicted of sodomy against an 11 year old-it’s hard for them to hide their true colors. Meryl Streep said he was like a god to her. Yep

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