Rick Santelli RIPS Mitchell, Todd For Choosing Sides During Election

Rick Santelli is affectionally called the father of the Tea Party movement and on Sunday morning, he was ready for the liberal panel.

Santelli pushed back on Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd who tried to push the Russian hack on the American viewers. He called both them out for picking and choosing sides during the election and Mitchell tried her best to clear up the carnage but Santelli had already laid more informational sand traps.

Most of us know MSNBC backed Hillary Clinton and Mitchell never once called out Clinton for anything. I am not shocked she doesn’t see her hypocrisy, I am just angered by it.

From Newsbusters:

Sparks flew on the set of NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning as CNBC’s Rick Santelli accused moderator Chuck Todd of picking sides during the election. The confrontation occurred during a conversation about Russian meddling in the election and claims that intercepted communications showing their glee for Donald Trump’s victory. “To see Russians happy because Trump won: On election night, I never saw you so unhappy. You pick sides. Everybody picks sides,” exclaimed Santelli, literally pointing fingers at Todd.

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Both Todd and correspondent Andrea Mitchell immediately went on the defensive. Todd seemed to play dumb asking, “Who picks sides, Rick? Who picks sides, Rick?” Mitchell’s reaction was rather indignant, claiming, “That’s not true Rick. That’s just not true. Let’s get back to the facts here.”

Agreed, let’s get to the facts such as Mitchell’s adoration for Hillary Clinton. Throughout the campaign Mitchell often played defense for Clinton when it came to her foundation, referring to it as merely a “headache.” She was distraught after FBI Director James Comey reopened their investigation into Clinton’s e-mails, and claimed history was “put on hold again” after her loss to Trump. She also seemed to desperately hope Jill Stein’s recount in swing states would turn things around for Clinton.

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I applaud Santelli for sticking to his guns against this liberal panel. He did a great job and if you watched this group during the 2016 elections, you would agree, they picked Hillary to back and it wasn’t even close.

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