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[VIDEO] Restaurant Owner Turns Tables on Vegan Protesters by Butchering a Deer In His Front Window

Everyone everywhere is getting sick and tired of the liberal outrage mob. The good news is, commonsense patriots are now fighting back.

But we need more fighters and patriots to take up the cause, which brings me to this amazing story, that I think will inspire all of you to push back even harder.

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A restaurant owner, who was harassed by an endless stream of radical vegan protesters, decided it was time to stop cowering and fight back and teach the outrage mob a lesson…in the best and most creative way possible.

So, what did this clever chef do?

Well, he butchered a deer in his restaurants front window, while they protested outside. 😂

The incident happened last year, in Toronto, Canada, and is probably one of the best examples of fighting back that we’ve ever seen, so we wanted to highlight the story today; as so many of us are facing a non-stop barrage of mob-insanity from the left.

What this man did was brilliant. He put his butchering craft on display for all to see, and in doing so, he shoved the liberal “cancel culture” right back in their smug faces.

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But it gets better…

After he butchered the deer, he ate a nice seared steak by the window, for everyone to see.

The protesters were so incensed, that they actually called the police and reported the man (ha ha ha ha). The police reportedly showed up, went into the restaurant, and had a laugh with the owner.

We love this man!

Let’s learn from him and push back even harder, because this is how you win against the left.

You can watch the video below:

We love this story, and hope you do too, let us know what you think about this clever chef!

See you in the comments below.


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