RESTART! Sen. Tom Cotton Tells House GOP “Start Over” And “Get It Right” On Healthcare Bill

On Thursday morning, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton tweeted the bad healthcare bill passed by the House GOP should be restarted to “get it right.”

1. House health-care bill can’t pass Senate w/o major changes. To my friends in House: pause, start over. Get it right, don’t get it fast.

2. GOP shouldn’t act like Dems did in O’care. No excuse to release bill Mon night, start voting Wed. With no budget estimate!

3. What matters in long run is better, more affordable health care for Americans, NOT House leaders’ arbitrary legislative calendar.

Even Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu said he agrees with Cotton.

About once every 3 years, I agree with Sen Tom Cotton. This is one of those times. We both know is a disaster.

The House bill is sounding very shaky heading to the Senate.

Top conservatives including Rand Paul and Mike Lee already came out with fierce criticism of it.

The Hill reported no more than two Republicans can vote no if all the Independents and Democrats vote no too.

The plan, titled the American Health Care Act, is taking fire from both conservative and moderate factions of the Senate GOP caucus — underscoring the legislation’s perilous path in the upper chamber.

Republicans hold 52 seats, a narrow majority, in the Senate. So GOP leadership can only afford to lose two Republican votes if all Democrats and Independents oppose the measure, which would then require Vice President Pence to break the tie.

Not everyone opposes it. Senator John Barrasso supports the House bill and calls it “a lot better than Obamacare.”

Here is a Fox News video that interviews him.

It is evident the projected votes in the Senate do not look very well. Some senators will need to be convinced to vote yes if the House bill is going to pass.

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