Republicans Rising??!! – Elbert Guillory, Mary Landrieu Tied 44-44 in Poll to Represent Louisiana in 2014

Sen. Elbert Guillory of Opelousas made national news by defecting from the Democrats to become the Louisiana’s first African-American Republican state senator since Reconstruction. Guillory’s move was more of a homecoming, as he had switched from Republican to Democrat before first running for the Legislature. His YouTube video explaining his latest switch went viral, prompting calls for him to run for the U.S. Senate, even president.

If you take a look at this Louisiana poll, State Senator Guillory, who hasn’t stated if he was going to run for the US Senate sits tied with current Senator Mary Landrieu as a shock to the state.


In reading many news sources from around the Louisiana area, it seems that Democrats are having a tough run at fielding possible contenders to win election seats in the upcoming elections.

Sen. Landrieu and whichever Democrat runs for governor, the top of the ballot is a shakier perch without other Democrats vying for lower offices, for Congress in 2014 or the Legislature in 2015, and helping to generate turnout. Just as parties build from the ground up, they deteriorate that way too.

I have interviewed Senator Guillory a few times now and if there is one thing I know, he is genuine and a caring man who wants to wake up a base that has been sleep to success for a long time. That would be a winning message in Louisiana this go around. Here are a few quotes from Sen Guillory:

  • I believe that the values of the Black community and the values of the Republican Party are one in the same,” Mr. Guillory said in a statement released by the PAC. – Former Democrat Elbert Guillory
  • Louisiana State Sen. Elbert Lee Guillory, a Republican, has announced the creation of the Free at Last PAC, aimed at electing black conservatives to higher office. – Former Democrat Elbert Guillory

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Wayne Dupree

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