Republicans Pass AHCA Which Defunds Planned Parenthood For One Year; $369 Million Gone!

This looks like a win for House Republicans as they have passed the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) to the Senate with the idea Planned Parenthood will be defunded for a year.

What will the Senate do?

Conservatives have been wanting the baby killing organization to be stripped of government funds for a while now. Many Americans have seen their tax paying money sent to give abortions to women and they weren’t happy. Most of us didn’t realize for years that was happening and when we became aware we fought back.

The House Republicans passed the AHCA on Thursday and now it’s off to the Senate, where they will review and make changes. Some think they will put it back in which will cause a major fight.

Planned Parenthood will lose $369 million dollars as a result of the 217-213 vote.

Source: Washington Post

The women’s health provider stands to lose roughly 30 percent of its revenue under a provision in the GOP health-care bill to block it from getting Medicaid reimbursements for one year unless its hundreds of clinics stop offering abortions.

The defunding measure took a backseat to larger negotiations over the American Health Care Act, as House GOP  leaders struggled to get enough members on board. And it’s far from final passage, likely to run up against opposition in the Senate.

But the passage of the AHCA in the House represents a big, initial victory for conservatives who have long sought to undercut the country’s largest abortion provider and who extracted a promise from President Trump during his campaign that he’d sign a bill defunding Planned Parenthood.

“Congress is going to vote to repeal and replace Obamacare,” Vice President Pence said at a gala Wednesday hosted by anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List. “And when they vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, we will finally defund Planned Parenthood.”

Republicans contend that community health centers have the capacity to care for Medicaid patients who would no longer be able to visit Planned Parenthood centers — and note that community health centers provide a broader range of services than Planned Parenthood, which focuses on reproductive health.

We should never have legalized infanticide in the first place. If we can’t and won’t protect the most innocent and defenseless among us, we can’t and won’t protect anyone.

Best news in 8 years……. Obamacare was so failed and insurance companies where pulling out of states everywhere and most that had it could not afford to even go to the Drs. with it due to high deductibles and co-insurance. We as a country will always take care of our people in need, but now the people who work will no longer suffer and neither will their families!

The question now is will the Senate put it back in? What do you think will happen?

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