Republicans Can’t Use Christine Ford’s Scrubbed Yearbook History — Or Could They?

Christine Blasey Ford’s history wasn’t something that anyone was checking into because they didn’t want to seem like they were attacking an alleged victim.

The media and Democrats attacked Judge Brett Kavanaugh and family but didn’t question Ford. They took her at her word. What’s really bad with this story is Democrat leaders claimed to believe Ford after one meeting or at worse, two days.

What eats me up is that Blasey Ford was questioned with kid gloves for optics. Not once was she ever asked about alcohol abuse, which they tried to nail Kavanaugh? A lot of kids drank beer in high school, and many more went to parties-except one kid who became a priest. This one-sided attack against Kavanaugh is unbelievable.

Real Clear Investigations claims Ford’s yearbook “openly reference sexually promiscuous behavior by the girls, including targeting boys at Kavanaugh’s alma mater, Georgetown Prep, an all-boys school in the affluent Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Ford attended neighboring Holton-Arms School, an all-girls academy.”

If Republicans want to use this, they can with a lot of our blessing, however, it’s going to look like a gang up on a small, fragile, soft-spoken woman who put on a good show this past Thursday and will play upon the victim angle to make Republicans job a lot harder to expose who she really is.

Source: Real Clear Investigations

Other evidence indicates Ford, a popular cheerleader at the time, was immersed in an alcohol-fueled party culture and no stranger to “keg parties” in the D.C. area — or the “bar scene” along the Maryland and Delaware coast. In fact, Ford was known as a “party girl” on the Delaware shore during summer breaks, another source with direct knowledge of the congressional investigation said.

One report, moreover, recounts how Ford once got caught in “a romantic triangle” at Dewey Beach that ended with the two men getting into a fistfight over her.

At Holton-Arms, the source added, she was known by classmates, and even some parents, by a sexually derogatory nickname playing off her maiden name Blasey, suggesting she was promiscuous.

“She was not the wholesome Catholic girl they’re trying to portray her as,” the source said, making her claims of victimization at the hands of Kavanaugh “harder to believe.”

Ford and her attorney did not respond to requests for comment. But they have cast a much different narrative, suggesting Kavanaugh and other boys from Georgetown Prep aggressively targeted Ford and other reluctant girls from her school while plying them with alcohol. Specifically, Ford alleges Kavanaugh and another older boy took advantage of her at a house party somewhere in the Chevy Chase or Bethesda area of Maryland in the early 1980s.

The constitution calls for a free press. What the MSM has become is not true journalism. They are complicit in a coup in trying to overturn an election. They have been working with an agenda to destroy our Republic and turn it into a socialist/communist tyranny. They deal not in facts but lies. They are our enemy and should be treated as such.

Ford’s ‘Witness’ Sends Another Letter To Dems — I Never Saw Brett Act In The Manner Dr. Ford Describes”

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