Republican Senate Unanimously Votes to Block Trump From Recess Appointments During August Break!

The United States Senate unanimously voted to block President Trump from making appointments while they went on Summer recess? Tells you all you need to know.

First of all, who the hell does the Senate think they are to block President Trump’s recess appointments. He could fire or hire whoever he likes with or without them. They seem to think that all the decision and action rest with them and their approval.

This is unheard of, how dare them, pull this stunt. President Trump is the hardest working President we have ever had, he is fighting for the people and the Congress both Democrat and Republican are fighting him.

It’s time American People got together and make the decisions to force them either out of office, to face the consequences, or to do a better job on decision making. We put them in their place, we could take them out, and it does not have to be until the next election.

This is getting ridiculous and insane. We have a president who is working for the people and giving our country hope. WE the PEOPLE voted him in, and we are sick and tired of the way he is being treated. This is a good man fighting for us and our country. Now we need to let him know we will FIGHT for him and have his back

Source: NY Daily News

The Senate unanimously agreed to block President Trump from making appointments during their August break amid concerns that he’ll replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions during the recess.

Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who Trump blasted on Twitter after she voted against the party on health care last month, locked in nine “pro forma” sessions over the next four weeks, The Hill reported.

No business is conducted during such meetings — which typically last only a minute or so. Their purpose instead is to keep the Senate open during the vacation, which prevents Trump from making appointments without approval.

The agreement comes after the President repeatedly and publicly critiqued Sessions’ choice to recuse himself in the Russia probe. His statements have sparked concern that he’ll attempt to force through a replacement while Congress is out of town, according the news site.

Trump also needs to name a new Department of Homeland Security secretary now that he’s tapped John Kelly as his chief of staff.

The move, which must be approved by all Senators, has historically been used to block a President from making recess appointments. It occurred most recently when former President Barack Obama sought to fill former Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court.

They just can’t stand him and will do anything to stop him – ever wonder if maybe they are just afraid of losing their power and that he really can make America great again?

The only way to help President Trump is at the polls. Do your homework and get out and vote. Start talking to your friends, family and let’s do this.

Can you believe the Republicans are this arrogant enough to do this? Share your opinions below and let me know what you think about this move to tie Trump’s hands behind his back.

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