Reporter to Clinton: So You Still Blame Others For Your Loss? Watch Her Response!

Hillary Clinton is still using the Comey letter, the Russian theft of emails from the DNC and Wikileaks releasing them as excuses for her loss.

Someone better add security around British TV journalist Matt Frei after his interview with Hillary Clinton because he called her to task concerning how she blames everyone for her presidential race loss.

What’s unique is how she claims she accepts responsibility, but she blames others. How does that even compute? The video below is one you watch because you see Clinton backing up so far, she almost fell off the cliff. Frei did a great job in asking her this question, and I give him respect for doing this. Our media would want to know what she ate for dinner, what’s her favorite color and where could they purchase her pantsuit.

Source: Free Beacon

“That doesn’t explain why I led all the way through, why I won the primary by 4 million votes, why I was winning, we had a great convention,” she said. “I was thought to have won all three debates. That doesn’t explain it, Matt, so that’s why I had to really dig deep.”

“And, yes, I take responsibility. Obviously, there were things I must have been able to do differently in order to have won,” Clinton continued. “But at the end, there was this really perfect storm, and so you had the Comey letter and you had the enormous impact of the Russian theft of emails, the release of them by WikiLeaks, basically now a part of the Russian intelligence apparatus, and the weaponization of that. These were all new phenomena.”

“So you’re still blaming others more than yourself?” Frei asked

“No, I take ultimate responsibility, I don’t blame others, but I think it’s important that people understand what happened,” Clinton said. “It easy to say, ‘You know she wasn’t a good candidate.’ Then why did lead all the way to the end, why did I get nominated overwhelmingly?”

“Did people lie at the polls?” Frei interjected.

“No, I think there were intervening events that caused people to worry, to have second thoughts,” she said.

That was a great exchange as Frei won this in my opinion. I am also biased against Clinton because I don’t like her and I think as long as she can get media press, it makes those who listen to her a lot smarter to call out the crap she’s slinging.

Clinton will never be president of the United States. She contends how she won more popular votes because she lost a race she spent close to 1 billion dollars and had the media in her pocket. They didn’t hold her accountable and tried their best to will her to win but the American people pulled this one out, and she was left holding the bag of loser chips.

When this country stands together, united, we usually stop bad things from happening, and the country says no to Hillary last November, and she can’t stand the message. SHARE this article on your Facebook/Twitter timeline.

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