REPORT: Political Activist Linda Sarsour Named Bernie Sanders Campaign Surrogate

On Sunday, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign had named political activist Linda Sarsour as a campaign surrogate.

The controversial Women’s March co-founder spoke last week at a Sanders rally where she told the crowd “I would be so proud to … elect the first Jewish American president this country has ever seen and for his name to be Bernard Sanders.”

Sarsour, a Palestinian-American woman who is a supporter of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, spoke on behalf of Sanders over the weekend in Brooklyn, New York, according to a video excerpt of the speech. The video in which she is identified as a “Civil Rights Activist, 2020 Bernie Surrogate” was tweeted by the campaign

“At a time of a startling rise in white nationalism and anti-Semitism, I would be so proud to win, but also to make history and elect the first Jewish American president this country has ever seen and for his name to be Bernard Sanders,” Sarsour says in the video.

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In the more than a minute-long excerpt, Sarsour also says that Sanders believes in a foreign policy “that sees Palestinians as human beings deserving of human rights and self-determination.” She adds that rhe candidate does not ask how much foreign policy and heath care and higher education for all will cost, “because only people who don’t believe we deserve these things will ask us how to pay for things like health care, but never ask us how to pay for endless and unjust wars.”

Sarsour is a co-founder of the Women’s March, which lost the support of some Jewish women after she was accused of allowing anti-Semitism to pervade the movement and to marginalize Jewish women, and failed to immediately condemn Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan for his anti-Semitic rhetoric. [JTA]

I understand how some go after Sarsour for her anti-Semitic views. I’m far more concerned about Sarsour’s anti-American beliefs, her hatred of our country, and the fact that she wants to bring her barbaric culture to our society than I am that she dislikes certain groups.

By embracing Islam and accepting their support, the Democrats made it official: Democrat is the party of slavery. All the countries in the world where slavery is legal are controlled by Muslims.

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