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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Returns From Syria: There Are No Moderate Rebels! [VIDEO]

We’ve been saying Barack Obama backed the wrong fighters in Syria. Former Secretary of State John Kerry kept pushing that we needed to support the rebels because Syria’s president was killing his citizens.

Thanks for confirming what most us already knew Tulsi. Obama and his administration were liars, and the Syrian people are hurting after this campaign.

Some liberals won’t like this but Syrian President Assad is way better than ISIS, and his people know this. Additionally, liberals are angry Gabbard met with Assad, but I don’t remember hearing about “establishment outrage” when John McCain went to Syria to visit with the “moderate Syrian rebels” who turned out to be Al Quiada.

Here is Gabbard speaking about her trip to Syria!

Thank you so much for taking the time to see for yourself what many of us have been saying from the beginning. This is not a civil war; it has never been. It is a terrorist occupation, and the US government has a great deal of responsibility for it.

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Here is Gabbard’s video from her trip to Syria. Prepare yourselves! If you are not able to view this video, please click here:


A US representative shining a light on the facts in Syria is anathema to the fabricated world-view of the neo-con/neo-lib, Borg-mind collective that makes up the non-functioning entity we refer to as the US government aka The Establishment.

She should get the Nobel Prize and the Congressional Medal of Honor for actions that no other member of Congress has had the courage to do. According to various reports, McCain has met with leaders of various groups that we are supposed to be fighting. We need a full-blown investigation into the history of our involvement in Syria. When, why, who and how?

What do you think of Gabbard’s trip to Syria and the information she brought back home? Share your comments below.

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