Rep Trey Gowdy DISECTS FBI Director Chris Wray Over Restoring the Trust Of The FBI

Make Rep. Trey Gowdy the new Attorney General immediately. Tell Jeff Sessions to leave quietly after Christmas. Be bold, Mr. President.

I watched the Gowdy grill FBI Director Wray through a replay video today and let me say this as easy and respectful as I can, if things don’t get better soon with Department of Justice, surely the South Carolina changes his mind and accepts President Trump’s call for him to be the next Attorney General of The United States. We need someone with his fire in that position, and I won’t beat a dead horse.

Gowdy’s line of questioning to Wray dealt with how does the department restore the confidence of the American people, and he was on target the entire line of questioning.

Source: Newsmax

“My first question to him is, what will you do to repair not only Congress’ trust, but the American people’s trust in that blindfolded woman holding a set of scales,” said Gowdy.

President Donald Trump has said that the FBI’s reputation is in tatters, noted show host Bill Hemmer, but Gowdy said he does not agree with that.

“I work with line agents, the line women back in South Carolina and other states,” said Gowdy. “Their reputation is not in tatters. They’re the kind of people we want working in our Justice Department.”

However, the “higher ups have had a really bad two years,” he continued. “Right now the American people aren’t focused on the great agents in South Carolina. They’re focused on [James] Comey and [Andrew] McCabe and now Wray.”

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Gowdy also said he does not think Congress should have to fight with the FBI to access information that that it is entitled to possess.

“We should not have to threaten contempt of Congress,” he said. “I don’t want the drama of a contempt of Congress floor fight. I want to information to do our jobs and we shouldn’t have to fight with the Department of Justice to access that information.”

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