Rep. Tlaib Agrees With David Hogg — Rich People Are The Problem, They Have Used Racism And Xenophobia

On Tuesday night, Rep. Rashia Tlaib chimed in on David Hogg’s twitter timeline, agreeing with his strawman post how “For hundreds of years rich people have used racism and xenophobia to convince poor people that rich people are not the problem.”

Tlaib posting a bullhorn emoji suggesting that Hogg’s condemnation of the rich should be broadcast to the far and wide is just another attack on capitalism and signing on to the Progressive formula of breaking Americans into groups to hate each other.

Since Tlaib is saying so many of her colleagues in Congress are “the problem,” that they are racist and xenophobes, will the #RadicalFour denounce her comments and demand impeachment? Just asking is all.

To an extent, they are right. Rich politicians like them, are the problem. Career politicians that enter government ‘service’ with moderate or empty bank accounts who join the 1% in wealth while in office. We need term limits to allow for everyday citizens who are in touch with reality, to serve. Not just those the elitist money grabbers in both parties will enable us to vote on.

Pres. Trump had a heck of a time getting elected without either party supporting him; if he hadn’t been wealthy, we never would have heard of him. He is the exception, and as close to the everyday citizens, we will get due to the big money of the two-party system and the megacorps that own our media.

We all know the only way Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got elected is because of lack of choice in her district.

Heck, we may be able to stop these two-year-long campaigns, and current politicians may have to work their jobs rather than position themselves for the next election. There needs to be some way we can remove the megacorp level funding need that is controlling our entire political system.

Perhaps it is time to do away with all private funding of candidates, give each a budget, if they use it up, oh well.

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