Rep Steve King BLASTS Obama For Manipulating Elections In Israel, UK and Macedonia

You really missed this video if you haven’t seen it! Rep. Steve King slams Barack Obama for his meddling in overseas elections and he called out Congress for not investigating it.

“No, I will not yield, I have a lot of things to say,” is how King started off this most significant destruction

King brought up information about Macedonia where U.S. funds were used to sway those elections and they also sent over “Rules for Radicals,” which created a template they utilized after the election, according to King.

This video needs to get seen by everyone!

Source: SteveKingIA

I just came back not that long ago from the Balkans, where I sat in a place like Macedonia and there I learned that the United States government borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia had handed over at least $5 million in contracts transferred through U.S. Aid ID into George Soros organizations that were used to manipulate elections in the Balkans, and that’s just particularly Macedonia – not including the neighboring countries that are there.

And some of that money was used to translate Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ into Macedonian to distribute the book and the ‘Rules for Radicals’ and actions of radicals were manifested in the election efforts in that part of the world.

I haven’t seen anyone take apart Obama like this in a long time even while he was in office. King even brought in George Soros funding. This was awesome.

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