Rep. Rashida Tlaib Uses Emotional Card By Reading Alleged Threat During House Hearing

I don’t believe anyone should be targeted or threatened for their religion, even in the case of Rep. Rashida Tlaib but I also know how Democrats play the game.

Democrats are the experts at tugging at the heartstrings of Americans when it comes to pushing a false narrative.

Instead of talking to Americans and telling them the truth, they deal in misdirection and mischief. In the video below, Tlaib used her emotions during a House hearing on domestic terrorism to read one of her alleged death threats that she has received during her short tenure in Congress.

Tlaib: “I was totally excited and pleased when I heard about 49 Muslims were killed and many more were wounded in New Zealand. Let’s hope and pray that it continues here in the good ol’ U.S.A. The only good Muslim is a dead one.”

“How is that not enough to fall under domestic terrorism if they’re targeting, solely based on my faith and others, and saying ‘a good Muslim is a dead one’?”

“We get so many of them, and I keep asking what happens, what happens to these individuals? “I’m a mother. I want to go home to my two boys.”

She supports sharia law and does not get emotional for Christians murderers by Muslims.

As long as she considers herself ‘Palestinian first,’ supports Hamas and BDS, I do NOT care about her tears. Also, I am still of the opinion Muslims do not belong here unless and until Muslims get out of the Dark Ages and tolerate Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues in Muslim majority countries WITHOUT massive threats and violence.

The statement she read was very ignorant and wrong.  Unfortunately, if the FBI or anyone in the justice department were to arrest people on solely ignorant and wrong statements, then millions of people would be arrested including this lady and many more from her party as well as rights party.

This is an example of hate speech covered under free speech. We can’t just arrest people for ignorant statements instead counter it with logical statements. Now if this person was to act on the thing he or she says then yes, take them to jail hit them with everything they can.


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