Rep. Omar Has Become Fundraising Queen! Raised $832K In First Quarter

Rep. Ilhan Omar is now one of the top Democrats in the fundraising department. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings have revealed that during the first quarter, the House freshman raised nearly $832,000 in spite of her anti-Semitic comments.

POLITICO reports that roughly half of her campaign contributions came from donations of $200 or less. Wherein $10,000 came from Political Action Committees (PAC). Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez $2,000 and Jim Clyburn, House Majority Whip gave her $1,000.

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It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that Omar has become a juggernaut of money raking after several 2020 Democrat candidates have defended her, including Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren.

Small-dollar donors rushed to defend embattled Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) in the first three months this year, as she faced charges of anti-Semitism from prominent Democrats, according to a fundraising report filed Monday with the Federal Election Commission.

Omar, a Minnesota Democrat elected in 2018 and sworn in for the first time in early January, found herself embroiled in controversy shortly after arriving in Washington. The first Somali-American member of Congress was widely rebuked in February, including by her own party, after several high-profile instances in which she invoked anti-Semitic tropes about U.S. politicians’ support for Israel.

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Omar raised $832,000 in the first quarter, according to her FEC report — among the best totals posted by any House Democrat. Roughly half of her donations, $415,000, came from people who gave less than $200 to Omar, and the majority of her funds, $631,000, came from online donors who gave via ActBlue, the Democratic online fundraising platform that has been such a boon to the party’s candidates in recent years that Republicans are scrambling to develop an alternative. [Politico]

This gives proof to the adage that a fool and his money are soon parted and also proves Pelosi correct, this poor soul OR a glass of water with a D after its name could have won in her district.

I am beginning to realize how the Dutch feel as they become a minority in their own country. The decline for the US has been happening since 1945, having accelerated n the 60’s. We had a good run, now its time to destroy what we have built like all empires.




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