Rep. Maxine Waters — I Want Info On FINANCIAL WORKINGS Of Trump’s Operation, PERSONAL And Business

Of all the crooked people in the world to chair the House Financial Services Committee, Rep. Maxine Waters is relishing her time by abusing her powers.

So someone that supports the Socialist Democrats is running the Financial Services Committee. How? There’s very little understanding of how money works there. Even worse, she believes she has the right to see Trump’s tax returns, and she went on CNN to speak to Anderson Cooper about it.

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“We want to know about personal and about company finances. We want to know who he owes money to. We want to know whether or not he had the kinds of assets that he claimed that he had in order to get money.

We really want to find out from Deutsche Bank why Deutsche Bank is the only major financial institution that will lend him money despite the fact whether he had sued them at one point and nobody else, no other banks trusted him because of the way he conducts business.

He used to file bankruptcy on and on and on,” Waters said Wednesday night.

But she did not tell Cooper why Congress has this need. This was her chance to provide some context of known wrong-doing that might justify prying into someone’s personal and financial affairs. Otherwise, it continues to look like an extension of the Hoax/Vendetta, because that is exactly what it is. A witch hunt, wrapped inside a fishing trip, parading about in completely inept political theater.

Why don’t you let the conservatives that understand how dollars to work do the talking.

According to the Washington Examiner: “During the height of the 2008 fiscal crisis, Waters helped arrange a meeting between the Treasury Department and top executives of a bank where her husband was a shareholder. Using her post on the House Financial Committee as leverage, she called Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson personally, asking him to meet with minority-owned banks. When Treasury followed through, there was only one financial institution present at the meeting: Her Husband’s bank, One United. If that bank went under, Waters’ husband would’ve lost as much as $350,000. Luckily for the Waters family, OneUnited received a cool $12 million in bailout funds instead. Once they grab power, they abuse it proudly, then look you in the eye and dare to call them on it.”

Having her as the House committee finance chairwoman is like putting a drug dealer in charge of the evidence room at the police station and on top of that, is there one moment of any day in Maxine’s life when she isn’t angry, arrogant, and ignorant? Seriously can anyone give me an example? This is the face of the Democratic party.

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Anger, ridiculous rhetoric, predictions of doom, is this is what the Democratic Party thinks is a winning strategy for 2020. At a point specific, yet unknown, this sort of thing stops working. The reality on the ground defies it. The trivial nature of the concerns the democrat party fixates on become obvious.

Why do Democrats appoint people to chair essential committees based on race and political correctness instead of qualifications?

It is evident that Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters are not qualified to teach kindergarten, let alone chair any Congressional committees.




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