Rep Jose Serrano proposes H.J.Res. Amendment to Constitution – Obama would get three terms if passed!!

Americans around the nation were shocked last Friday as they heard about H.J.Res. 15. H.J.Res 15 proposes an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment. This would remove the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. Rep. José Serrano (D- NY15) introduced the controversial joint resolution on Friday, the second day of the 2013 legislative session…

Rep Serrano and his disgusting idea should be dragged out and horse-whipped in front of everyone on the street! This would not only open the door to a life-time presidency of the worst, most evil person this country has ever sent to Washington, but it would definitely mean the end of our magnificent country! One thing we do NOT need is a third term for Obama!

NY Congressman tried to slip through resolution to repeal the 22nd Amendment that would possibly allow Obama to have a 3rd Term

It is bad enough to look forward to 2016 with the possibility of having Hillary run–again–but the very thought of Obama gaining a third term chills one to the bone! Anyone, but ANYONE, in either the House or the Senate,who tries to change the Constitution to pander their ideas to someone, should be summarily removed from their position and sent away in disgrace!

Now let me add some research to this story:

the 22nd Amendment CANNOT …
I repeat CANNOT
be repealed by a simple House Resolution …

There are essentially two ways spelled out in the Constitution for how to propose an amendment. One has never been used.

The first method is for a bill to pass both houses of the legislature, by a two-thirds majority in each. Once the bill has passed both houses, it goes on to the states. This is the route taken by all current amendments. Because of some long outstanding amendments, such as the 27th, Congress will normally put a time limit (typically seven years) for the bill to be approved as an amendment (for example, see the 21st and 22nd).

The second method prescribed is for a Constitutional Convention to be called by two-thirds of the legislatures of the States, and for that Convention to propose one or more amendments. These amendments are then sent to the states to be approved by three-fourths of the legislatures or conventions. This route has never been taken, and there is discussion in political science circles about just how such a convention would be convened, and what kind of changes it would bring about.

Regardless of which of the two proposal routes is taken, the amendment must be ratified, or approved, by three-fourths of states. There are two ways to do this, too. The text of the amendment may specify whether the bill must be passed by the state legislatures or by a state convention. Amendments are sent to the legislatures of the states by default. Only one amendment, the 21st, specified a convention. In any case, passage by the legislature or convention is by simple majority.

But for a House Democrat to even put that on the table has got to have some people worried. Remember, these bastards are not going by the consitution….they don’t believe in it.

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