Rep. Jordan: We Told Voters We Would Repeal Obamacare, Not Keep it’s Taxes Or Start New Entitlement

Rep. Jim Jordan is a conservative and most importantly, true to his word. Today, he and other conservatives are releasing a bill to repeal Obamacare like they promised…all of it.

Rep. Jim Jordan is leading the way for the Americans who label themselves conservatives in the name of repealing Obamacare. On Wednesday, Jordan along with his Senate counterparts will submit their plan to offset the one yesterday by House Speaker [score]Paul Ryan[/score].

Source: Rep Jim Jordan’s Facebook

Today I’m introducing legislation that cleanly repeals Obamacare, like we did 15 months ago and sent to President Obama’s desk. It’s time for Republicans to do what we told you the American people we would do.

Good! This is what our government is supposed to be doing. Once the House settles on a plan it is time for the Senate to present their plan. The more ideas that are floated in this process the better!

Speaker Paul Ryan’s “start-up” bill does not do as was promised. Most importantly, you cannot go across state lines or does it bring down the cost very much, and also mandatory requirements. I saw that President Trump supported this and I am wondering how that is.

I think Rep. Jordan along with Sen. [score]Rand Paul[/score], Sen. [score]Marco Rubio[/score], Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score], Sen. [score]Mike Lee[/score] and the Freedom Caucus should continue to stand their ground on this one. Don’t budge one inch and create a bill from that starting line.

A big issue for me is whether Congress and other elected officials and their employees and families will be allowed to keep their special health insurance they opted for instead of Obamacare. I find this dichotomy the height of hypocrisy. These folks have no vested interest in the health care they want us to have. Just not right.

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