Rep. Jordan — I Believe Comey FBI And Obama’s DOJ Worked With Clinton Campaign

I said this last week, and I will repeat it, Rep. Jim Jordan is over the target, and he’s going after the ones who have all the answers to his questions.

It just seems that the politicians and office holders in Washington DC have a special way of answering questions which gives them a loophole of getting out of trouble. Congressman Jim Jordan asked all the right questions of Deputy Attorney General Ron Rosenstein but seemed like he was left at the altar because the Deputy AG played his ignorance card as he had been doing the entire day.

It’s way past time to get rid of Rosenstein.

Source: Fox News

“This is unbelievable,” he told Rosenstein, asking what “fact pattern” would be necessary for a second special counsel to conduct a separate investigation.

“I think the public trust in this whole thing is gone,” said Jordan.

Rosenstein said the inspector general has 500 employees and a $100 million budget and is conducting a “thorough review.” He said that review led to the text messages and to Strzok being removed from Mueller’s team.

Jordan said in his view, the evidence points to the FBI and the Obama Justice Department working with the Clinton campaign against the Trump campaign.

Jordan also ripped FBI Director Christopher Wray last week (Related: Rep Jim Jordan GRILLS FBI Director Chris Wray Over Peter Strozk)

I am proud that Jordan is on our side. He’s been the top dog on exposing Mueller and we should all back him in his efforts. If you enjoyed watching Jordan, SHARE this article.

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