Rep. Jim Jordan considering run for House Speakership

If you have been following this website, you know that I am a strong supporter of Rep. Jim Jordan and House of Representatives.

I love his fight, I love his spirit, and I love the way that he is a staunch conservative.We need more like him in the house, and I wish and hope that we can elect more during the 2018 midterms.

Speaker Paul Ryan announced earlier this week that he was going to step down from the leadership role in January 2019. Ryan has also endorsed representative Kevin McCarthy on Friday, but that’s not the way I want it to go down.

Ryan and his buddies are responsible for passing over $3 trillion in Omnibus bills under his leadership, and that’s something we can’t afford as a nation. McCarthy might be a good man but he is someone that has the ideals of Ryan, and I would rather have someone that speaks more to what I believe in the way of Jordan.

Source: Washington Post

Rep. Jim Jordan, a prominent and polarizing conservative leader, said Friday he is strongly considering a run for House speaker in a bid that could upend the race to succeed Paul D. Ryan.

“There is no speaker’s race right now. Paul Ryan is the speaker,” said Jordan (R-Ohio). “If and when there is, I’ve been urged by colleagues to consider that and I am definitely open to that. Right now though the focus has got to be on the next six months, us keeping the majority.”

Jordan, 54, is a former champion college wrestler who co-founded the House Freedom Caucus, a hard-line faction of about three dozen conservative lawmakers that could play a kingmaker role in any leadership race to come. Its members have been highly critical of the GOP leadership, especially after last month’s vote to pass a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill.

The House Freedom Caucus is the most conservative part of the House of Representatives. They have stood against Pres. Trump on a couple of occasions of overspending and I stand with them as a fiscal conservative.

(That we elect more conservatives during the 2018 midterm elections in November because Pres. Trump needs as much help as he can get after we have seen the Republicans work against him for the last year and a half.

Do you think Jim Jordan should run for the House Speaker? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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