Rep. Jim Jordan Battles CNN’s Chris Cuomo Over The Russia Investigation

CNN’s Chris Cuomo brings on Republicans to demean them and show his audience how smarter he thinks he is over his guests.

On Wednesday, Cuomo invited possible future Speaker of the House Jim Jordan to speak on Russia investigation/spy narrative the media has now decided to jump on and push, and the Ohio representative didn’t have anything to do with this shakedown.

Source: Mediaite

Cuomo asked the Ohio Republican who has led the charge against the Russia investigation, to first react to Trump’s tweets claiming that the FBI used a “spy” on his campaign.

Jordan, a Freedom Caucus member who is being pushed to replace Paul Ryan as House Speaker, argued that the New York Times reporting that the FBI had an informant speak to members of the Trump campaign supports the argument.

Jordan went on to rail against the leadership of the FBI, demanding a second special counsel to “get to the bottom of this.” He touted legislation introduced by Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) on Tuesday calling for such an investigation — which Cuomo dismissed as lacking serious support from lawmakers.

The pair battled over the FISA application obtained to surveil members of the campaign, and Jordan declared, “here we are a year and a half later not one bit of evidence any type of collusion any type of coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Once again a Republican goes onto CNN and is attacked publicly for the talking heads satisfaction. We always hope the viewers are smart enough to turn off CNN and their hateful agenda but most times that won’t happen. When your target audience is doctor offices, liquor stores and planned parenthood waiting rooms, what can you do?

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