Rep. Ilhan Omar — “Was Bush Downplaying 9/11 Terrorist Attack? What If He Was A Muslim?”

Rep. Ilhan Omar is toying with Americans now.

Omar knows what she is doing and is quickly become a sympathetic martyr in front of those around the world as she has the main stage within America’s government and she’s not backing down.

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Omar is using America’s laws and loopholes to wage war against our ideas and traditions. If anyone responds with questions, as they did with Barack Obama, they will be seen as racists or intolerant.

She desperately needs better speech writers or reviewers. But somehow I don’t think she wants to be better. She has repeatedly purposefully engaged in the use of poor wording or phrasing to describe situations or events.

One would think that having won the world lottery to come to America, become a citizen, reap all the rewards thereof, including being elected to be a member of The House of Representatives, humility would be uppermost in thought, word, and deed. Obviously not so.

Going after Bush, she knows her name will continue to be on the lips of those on Fox News and associating him with being a Muslim will anger many. She’s throwing haymakers out there with no way of backing it up, but that’s not her primary goal anyway.

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She needs to do a much better job of separating her role as a congressperson from her personal beliefs and frustrations if she hopes to see her career as a politician legitimized and validated.  The remarks were inopportune and tasteless for an elected representative.

Let’s not be mistaken! Omar was elected because of her Somali district majority which fled the horrific conditions of their Country dominated Sharia Law, only to recreate here the same  Sharia Law conditions that made them leave their country in the first place

If you continue to let more like her, in this country without vetting, there is going to be little Somalia here and there growing by leaps and bounds in the same manner Hispanics from Central America and Mexico are recreating the same conditions here that made them leave the conditions of their country. Which in the long run will destroy ours because “bird of a feather flock together.”

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The majority of Muslims are not interested in assimilation. They want to change our country and they are using American’s laws and loopholes to get it done.

Elections have consequences. She was elected to the Congress of the United States. Think about her comments and vote accordingly.



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