Rep Frederica Wilson: “John Kelly’s Trying To Keep His Job. He Will Say Anything”

General John Kelly earlier today called out Rep. Frederica Wilson over her exaggeration of what President Trump said to a grieving military mother during a private phone call.

Wilson was there and listening in on the speakerphone when she determined to exaggerate and turn the president’s call of solace into a disrespectful hit piece. Kelly called out Wilson during a press briefing and many who saw it understood what President Trump was speaking about (Related Article – After General Kelly Puts Trump’s Call Into Context, Once Again Rep Wilson Looks Like A Liar!)

If she was listening in on the conversation between President Trump and the soldier’s wife, she had a plan. Why would she be listening in on this private conversation? She is a politician of the worst kind, lower than the normal politician.

Wilson makes it a habit of voting down veterans benefits while supporting guys kneeling for the National Anthem and then falsely claim President Trump disrespects soldiers after his lifelong support of the military.

Source: Daily Caller

After Gen. John Kelly delivered an impassioned speech defending President Trump’s phone call with a Gold Star family, Rep. Frederica Wilson said he “will say anything” to “keep his job.”

During a speech to the White House press corps, Kelly referred to Wilson as an “empty barrel” for sharing the contents of Trump’s call with the family, wherein Trump allegedly said that their son, “knew what he was getting into.” Kelly said he was “broken-hearted” to hear that Wilson had told the media about the call.

Wilson responded shortly afterward that, “John Kelly’s trying to keep his job. He will say anything.”

“John Kelly’s trying to keep his job. He will say anything,” says @RepWilson in response to Trump’s staff chief who ripped her for disclosing details of controversial call with soldier’s widow. “There were other people who heard what I heard.”

Not only was she crass enough to listen to a conversation between the president and a grieving widow, but she also lied and politicized it. She should be asked to resign or be removed. No other heard what she said she heard because she didn’t hear what she said she heard.

Democrats have lost common sense; they only know hate-filled rhetoric. This woman has no place in the government of America. She is a total disgrace to her country, and I hope her fellow congressmen set her straight. She has no clue.

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Wayne Dupree

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