Rep. Ellison Thinks U.S. Better With Government Funded Universal Basic Income

Rep. Keith Ellison, the resident Muslim of our Congress has come up with a plan for the 2018 Midterms, and we should all be scratching our heads where he came up with this.

Not only should we be worried about his warped imagination but how would something like Universal Basic Income be paid for? They just spent 1.3 trillion dollars for the next six months. Democrats don’t care if their voters sit on their rears. Ellison now wants to pay people to do well, nothing.

The radical leftist congressman is the latest on the universal basic income bandwagon.

Video excerpt:

So let me just say this about the issue of advancing technology, displacement of workers and what we’re going to do about it. I personally do think that universal basic income is an idea that has a lot of merit.

There are some high-level programs going on right now in the United States. Stock in California is working with the program and there are some different ways to work with it. As people are displaced, the truth is there’s still plenty of stuff for people to do.

I don’t think universal basic income means people sitting around. I think it means doing other things that are necessary like extra coworkers in the classroom to help out the teacher. But there are things that are valuable and important that don’t necessarily have a market value that we should have people do it.

How much of his salary will he give up? We’ll start with taking your paycheck and giving you 500 a week. How’s that?

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