Rep. Adam Schiff — AG Barr Is Acting Like Trump’s Henchman

Here’s the question of the century. Why didn’t Rep. Adam Schiff ever come forward with the evidence he claimed he had that would have taken down President Trump?

No matter how much or how badly these guys fail, they never change. Let’s count up the damage — two years, 2500 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, and no charges. Special counsel Robert Mueller squeezed and jailed Paul Manafort but no allegations against President Trump. Mueller pressed and jailed Michael Cohen, seizing audio tapes with an early morning raid, and guess what, still no charges against Trump.

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These people like Schiff are mentally ill. They walk among us, but they are sick. Crush them any chance you get, that’s the only solution.

Schiff: Well, ironically, of course, that statement you heard from Bill Barr is a perfect description of his own conduct. He’s willing to cavalierly throw out terms like spying and pretend he doesn’t know just how pejorative that term is. He is a smart man and understands exactly how incendiary what his allegation is, and it’s designed to be. That’s why he is, I think, falling into such legitimate criticism for acting as effectively a henchman of the president.

You don’t talk cavalierly about intelligence agencies or the FBI spying on presidential campaigns. And given how much he mislead the country about Mueller’s own report and findings, we can sadly expect that given this power to declassify information now, he will do in a selective way designed to mislead the country and the president’s service. And there may be no opportunity for rebuttal this time.

There will be no further Mueller report that will set straight this selective declassification that he may put into effect and the fact that he will say — he doesn’t want to speculate about what went on early in the investigation until he knows, but he’s willing to speculate that it was spying, tells you all you need to know about how disingenuous he’s being with the country.

A good example of how the Left uses linguistic tricks to try to win debates without having them. The Left can’t explain properly what is wrong with Barr enforcing the law, so they call him “Trump’s henchman.” These same people also make “obstruction” mean whatever they want it to mean, so I would be very wary of them getting hold of more levers of power.

In the case of Schiff, he continues to lay the groundwork for an insanity plea for when he is called to a reckoning.


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