MSNBC Joy Reid — “Trump Is A Proud Sexual Assaulter Of Women”

Reid wants to be seen and responded to so it will give her a national presence. Anything she can say about President Trump to gain a possible response from the Commander-in-chief is what she will do to make a fool of herself.

Reid is the only black voice leftover after the mass firing MSNBC had over a year ago when they got rid of all of their black division including cutting Al Sharpton back from seven days a week to some early weekly Sunday morning slot.

Reid brings on lower tier Republicans onto her show and interrupts them after she asks a question, thus giving them no time to respond.

He actually was proud of the fact that he gets to abuse women physically and grab them, do more than just kiss them. He says I just kiss them. I don’t even wait. That’s what Al Franken is accused of doing. That’s what he’s accusing Al Franken of doing and saying Al Franken should pay for it with his job. Donald Trump is accused 15 times of sexual assault. He’s being sued because he called one of those victims a liar.

He is a proud sexual assaulter of women. He’s not ashamed, he’s proud of it. Why is he in a position to keep his job if he and his supporters think Al Franken should not? They cannot answer that question, all they can do is cry I don’t know whatever. They think they’re crying hypocrisy but they’re the hypocrites. At least Al Franken apologized.

The left has created the narrative that Trump is a “nether region” grabber of women, and he has no respect for the opposite sex. They’ve tried to push this since last year, and they don’t understand, voters are passed this.

As I said earlier, she wants a response or a tweet so she can claim victimhood by Trump. Hopefully, he doesn’t give her what she’s asking for. She along with her network are bottomfeeders who mislead the American people as part of their daily routine.

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