Refugees Tell U.S. Soldier It’s Ok For Him To Fight ISIS But They Won’t!!

Too many American soldiers have had to fight in war zones that had nothing to do with them and everything to do with refugees running from protecting their country.

In the video below, an American soldier speaks to refugees who claimed they can’t and won’t fight ISIS. You can see fear and lack of intelligence on their faces when asked why they are not protecting their country.

Our so-called legislative leaders need to watch this and pull our troops out of these danger zones. In the video, a couple of the men say the women in Syria fight while they, the men, are in a safe space. What is that all about?

Source: MadWorldNews

Although the left wants you to believe that the refugees flooding out of predominantly Muslim countries are just women and children, that is certainly not the case. In fact, that’s clearly seen in the many photographs documenting the mass exodus out of the Middle East, showing that a large portion of them are actually men — and not just any men.

The vast majority of them are military-aged males who have left their wives, daughters, and families behind to fend for themselves, but that’s far from the worst part. A U.S. soldier was recently able to demonstrate the ugliest aspect of this refugee reality, and he caught it all on video to share with the rest of the world since it’s definitely something everyone should see.

The soldier stopped by a known refugee center in Denmark, where he asked just one simple question of the Muslim men: “Would you go and join the fight against ISIS?” Explaining the reasoning for his inquiring, the man said that he may have to go and fight if ordered by the U.S. government and wanted to know if the people who actually lived there would be willing to do the same.

Watch the video below:

Watching these “guys” shows me the scourge of the Earth is alive and well. While our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers are over there trying to win the peace, these cowards can joke and laugh about not serving.

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