RED LINE! Rep Bridenstine: If Paul Ryan Isn’t For Trump, I Am Not For Paul Ryan!

Thank you, sir. We appreciate it. You’re one of my favorite congressman.

I think this is pretty sad Speaker [score]Paul Ryan[/score] has chosen this course of action against the GOP nominee. Yes, Donald Trump has said things at times that are not nice, sometimes pretty ugly depending on who attacked him first and the level of that attack. Let me make one thing clear. However, he has never placed this country in jeopardy like Hillary Clinton. He hasn’t done anything illegal like deleting the email or securing a private server that was unsecured, allowing hackers to infiltrated it. I’m not the same person today, and neither is he.

Do you want her in the white house when most people think she needs to be in the jailhouse.


From The Hill:

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) on Wednesday blasted Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for not fully backing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“Given the stakes of this election, if Paul Ryan isn’t for Trump, then I’m not for Paul Ryan,” he tweeted.

Ryan slammed Trump following the release of a 2005 tape that showed Trump making lewd comments about women, saying he would no longer defend the GOP nominee.Trump fired back at the Speaker on Tuesday, tweeting that Ryan is a “weak and ineffectual leader” and adding that the “shackles have been taken off me.”

He later doubled down on his criticism, going so far as to imply that Ryan may not be Speaker if he wins the White House.

“This happens all the time — if you sneeze he calls up and announces, isn’t that a terrible thing. So look, I don’t want his support, I don’t care about his support,” Trump said on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Now for you, NeverTrump conservatives, I hate to break into your bubble of thought, but here’s one for you. When assessing Trump over his “decorum,” you remind me of a person who is wringing their hands with worry about whether or not your daughter will get into charm school, when there is a rapist standing right outside her door ready to attack that you refuse to acknowledge is there. We need the right instrument for the right war.

This is not an election about Conservatism vs. Liberalism; it is a referendum against globalists who have taken our country over by stealth and now rule us by tyranny who are about to destroy this nation. There is no difference between the RNC or the DNC establishments anymore.

They are the right hand washing the left, and we are paying for soap. Whoever can get in the middle of them and fight for the US is the right choice. Trump is a PATRIOT who has put them on notice, and they fear him more than any candidate which means they know he is the only one who threatens their three-cord strand, not easily broken, that keeps their gravy train humming along at the expense of American citizens. After all, if they write the deals and Trump vetos them, they make no forward progress in their systematic plan to dismantle America for GREED.

Rep. Bridenstine, I have watched and listened to you many times, and know that you are a man that is dedicated, honest and has the best interest of our country at heart. I applaud you for this decision, and I know for a fact that I speak for many Oklahomans when I say may God bless you!

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