Red Cross CEO Dismisses Criticism Of Abusing Money Donations

Gail McGovern, CEO/President of American Red Cross, has been hearing the criticisms of what happens with the donations to natural disaster victims and wanted to clarify a few things.

Before you watch the video below, I want you to know that millions of dollars are going toward #HarveyRelief victims each day. Celebrities, Sports players, every day Americans are giving monies at a record pace and don’t let me forget how Taiwan has already given $800,000.

The last few days, I made mention that the money sent for the victims needs to be accounted for down to the last red cent. These individuals have lost everything, and some have lost more. The Red Cross which used to be very trustworthy in times like this has been under scrutiny for the last few years on what they spend contributions on.

Gail, in the video below, once again played word semantics when she said 91 percent of contributions go toward Red Cross services. When the CBS host asked the Red Cross CEO to break it down, it seemed so little and if she was missing a lot of material.

Let me also add the supplies that are pouring in are also donated. The Red Cross doesn’t have to pay for those, so I ask once again, where is the money going and who’s distributing it. Are the families getting something in their hands? These are the questions that need to be answered because I don’t believe any of this.

Gail was very vague with her words. She used the words “appropriate, and designated (not donated).  What does “on average, 91 cents” (which situations constitute 91 cents, and which constitute less) mean? What is “services carried out by red cross volunteers?”

Red Cross helps but this woman doesn’t know too much, or she’s hiding something, and I am not happy with it. I can be distrusting because I want the people suffering to get help and those donations are entirely too much for one organization to handle.

Is Red Cross going to help people by rebuilding homes? Purchasing transportation for those who lost in flood. Don’t tell me money ran out, we’re watching huge public declarations, and we’re not talking one million people being affected.

You might give her the benefit of the doubt. I want to hear from the victims in a few weeks on whether or not they are getting adequate service to start their lives off on the right foot with some funds to get moving again.

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