The REAL War on Women has been raging for decades


Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass Author of Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise & Fall Of An American Worker
Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass
Author of Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise & Fall Of An American Worker

There is a war on women.

This is the new centerpiece mantra of the left. And somehow we, the American people, are to believe that the GOP hates women so much that they want to ‘enslave’ them, and that the only way out of ‘slavery’ — is to vote Democrat?  We are to believe that those who embrace the ideology of the Republican party, or even worse, the ideology of conservatives, are misinformed, misguided, ignoramuses that need to wake up? I can tell you firsthand, that this is all a load of crap. The so-called ‘War On Women’ has not been waged by the right, but is rather the silent manifesto of the left, a covert agenda, that I – like so many other women of my generation – fell for hook, line, and sinker. For me, it proved catastrophic.

I am the face of the ‘War On Women’. I represent the many women who once did (and still do) vehemently believe that the left is the party of fairness and equity, the party of downtrodden women and minorities. I unequivocally believed that no matter what, the left was my friend, my advocate, my equalizer. I dismissed the right as nothing more than a bunch of rich, old, white men; as the party of evil, greedy, uncompassionate  haters whose only goal in life was to prosper at any cost, and who, above all else, regarded women as inferior, expendable beings. Hell, was I misled.


I guess you could say that I got caught up in the perfect storm of events, one that landed me right smack in the grips of feminism, a philosophy I clung to for dear life. The product of a broken home, the feminist revolution swept me up like a tsunami and washed me far from the shores of normalcy. Although a firm believer that women should be able to choose their own destiny, that is, decide whether or not they want to follow a traditional path, I have learned as I have grown that the farther away we migrate from nature, from what I believe God intended, the worse off we are as women – and, quite naturally, as a society. The left, on the other hand, has been, for decades, telling us to do the polar opposite.

No different from when I was a girl, the left continues to this day to drive home the notion that women who follow a traditional path, who want to get married, have children, raise those children, and never step foot in a workplace other than the one they call home, are merely casualties of the GOP’s so-called ‘War On Women’…as though we are all idiots. Sadly, I was once one of those idiots, and, as a result, lost everything. I never got to have the children I wanted. And the career I put ahead of it all, the one I would let nothing stand in the way of? Gone. And where was the left? Well, as it turns out, these were the very people who collectively drew me in, indoctrinated me, instilled in me a sense of security and then, when I so desperately needed them, fed me to the wolves.

I grew up fairly poor. It was hard watching my mother struggle. I promised myself that would never be me. Feminist pioneers like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, yeah, they knew where it was at. I followed truthbuttonin lockstep like a good and loyal soldier. At 18, I struck out on my own, worked full-time by day, attending school at night. Eleven years later, masters degree in hand and finally at the cusp of achieving the American Dream, I found myself enmeshed in an unimaginable nightmare. In the course of a day, everything I had worked for, that I had sacrificed for, began to unravel. I believed in ‘the system’, those bureaucratic entities created for women and minorities egregiously wronged by mean-spirited employers such as mine. My idealistic naiveté failed me big. Somewhere in the midst of a valiant nineteen-year fight for justice wherein I’d fallen victim to an array of debilitating psychological conditions, reality set in: I was but a mere casualty of the real ‘War On Women’ – one that had been raging on for decades. But the suffering would not be for naught. In 2013, I published a book chronicling  my journey through hell entitled Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker. I call it a cautionary tale, one that is sure to make you scream, cry, laugh, and most of all, think. There is indeed a war on women. But it is a far cry from the one the left is campaigning to end.

Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree is owner and founder of He was named to the 2017 Newsmax’s 50 Most Influential African-American Republicans. He served in the USAF between 1987-1995. He saw time in Operation Desert Storm/Shield and is the father of three. He is the host of the Wayne Dupree Show.

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