GOP Lawmaker — AG Barr Won’t Repeat Mistakes Comey Made That Got Him Fired

Rep. John Ratcliff is a former federal prosecutor and currently a member of both the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee and is a former federal prosecutor.

He has been able to to have access to some of the most sensitive documents behind this “fake” Russia investigation run by Robert Mueller, and he had a word of advice for Democrats on Sunday during an interview.

A key Republican lawmaker said Democrats demanding the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s entire report will be disappointed by Attorney General William Barr.

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“I know that the Democrats are saying we want everything, but the law doesn’t provide for that. In fact, it says the opposite,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, said Sunday morning during an interview on Fox News. “And I very much doubt that Bill Barr is going to turn over classified material or material subject to executive privilege or, most importantly, grand jury testimonies that Bob Mueller has received that did not result in charges against anyone.

Citing the “longstanding policy” of the Justice Department, Ratcliffe noted former FBI Director James Comey strayed of course in his handling of the Hillary Clinton emails investigation “that got him fired and had Democrats complaining back then.”

Bill Barr is not going to repeat those mistakes, so he’ll be as transparent as the law will allow and as the regulations provide, and the Democrats should respect that,” Ratcliffe added. [excerpt via Washington Examiner]

It’s more likely that Barr will become the Dems target when he refuses to turn over the report unredacted and when Mueller refuses to testify that’s going to torque Schiff’s little neck hair.

Barr is going to take the time to get it right. If he is what everyone claims he is he will follow the law and NOT release most of it. If he is like his predecessors, he will wuss out.

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The law and policies are unambiguous. When you do not seek an indictment, you keep your mouth shut. That is what the presumption of innocence is all about and why Comey should have been fired the instant he finished that press conference on Hillary’s server.

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