2nd Top Rap Artist Murdered Inside of Car

Another rap artist, widely known in the Pittsburgh area was killed inside of his car by gunshot.

A neighborhood rap artist was murdered in his car on Monday, and there are no leads. This follows another killing of another rap artists named Xxxtentacion, who was also killed inside of his car a couple of days ago. Both murders are not related, but as of young black men killed before they grew into manhood, this is a problem.

Jimmy Wapo, whose birth name was Travon Smart was murdered along with another unidentified man. Both were taken to the hospital where Wapo was pronounced dead.

Source: CNN

Born Travon Smart, Wopo first came to fame with his 2016 song “Elm Street,” which documented his life in his beloved hometown.

He began rapping early, he said, starting at the age of 7 to earn money from adults in the community.

He told Fader last year he went to multiple alternative schools growing up and credited his mother with letting him “go through everything by myself,” which he said prepared him for life.

A local church, Hope Center, helped him develop his skills because they had a studio they made available to the local youth, he said.

“You couldn’t cuss and s— and everybody in the hood was going to it,” Wopo said. “It was our first time ever being in a real studio for real, so that’s when we really started making music. I was 14.”

The trap rap star was considered by many to be a heir apparent to fellow Pittsburgh rappers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, who had become heavyweights in hip hop.

The first thing that ran across my mind was how Black Lives Matter couldn’t blame the police for this as they usually do. It’s not funny either. This is tragic. Black men are dying at the hands of other black men and for what? The focus has been on police violence, but there’s little to no attention to black men going after other black men on a regular schedule.

I know there are issues between some law enforcement and black men who do not respect authority. It’s been that way for a while, and it’s always going to be that way because there are bad people in this world. The one thing we can do is take care of ourselves and make sure every one of us doing the right thing, and that means respecting each other and not trying to force what we believe on others.

I am sorry to hear about this young man as he probably had his entire life ahead of him. Hopefully, this is a teachable lesson for others in the neighborhood and the ones who followed his life. Now is not the time for revenge, now is the time for mourning and reflection.

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