Rand Paul: We’re Having Repeal Vote And Those Against Can Explain It To Their Voters!

Senator Rand Paul to GOP Senators: Repeal Obamacare like you voted to do in 2015 or good luck explaining it to the Republican voters back home.

Funny how Republicans were able to vote to repeal time after time knowing that it was only symbolic while Barack Obama was in the White House. Now it’s time to make the same choice because they have a President who will back them and they go running like roaches with the lights turned on.

Republicans didn’t get behind it because some of them want to give Democrats a platform to blame President Donald Trump and how he’s not fulfilling his Obamacare repeal promise. President Donald gave them his statement. I will not own this and the Republican Party will not own it. One person said it was the snake eating it’s own tail.

Good luck explaining it to your constituents who depend on it, particularly on low income subsidies, to afford health care. They will be left with no recourse but to go without or go bankrupt. No problem.d

Rand is being honest in front of everyone. If you deadbeats don’t repeal that horrible piece of legislation you have promised to do to get elected, you are going out the door.

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Let’s assign Obamacare to all of Congress and take away there special medical coverage that they voter in for themselves and see how fast they change things.. I assure you John McCain’s hospital visit is not covered under Obamacare. It amazing how many special privileges they have on the tax payers dollar, I see why they want to stay in Washington when they get there. They should have to pay taxes on all there perks.

If they don’t repeal and “drain the swamp,” then I’m done with them. Trump has TRIED to do the things that he promised and these politicians simply won’t accept that we are tired of the garbage that they have forced on us. The republicans like McCain are as bad as the Democrats.

Thank you Rand Paul, the so called Republicans that are actually Democrats are trying to sabotage President Trump and the Republican party.

What are your thoughts about the vote next week. Will the GOP women Senators change their minds? Share your voice below in the comments section.

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