Radical Four Member Rashida Tlaib — “John Lewis Is Right, The President Is A Racist”

Has anyone ever met a happy democrat?

Rep. Rashida Tlaib quoted an NBC News tweet that read: Rep. John Lewis speaks ahead of vote on resolution condemning the president’s racist tweets: “I know racism when I see it. I know racism when I feel it … Some of us have been victims of the stain, the pain, and the hurt of racism … Segregationists told us to go back!”

Truth is useful; racism is terrible. Free speech is good; condemning free speech is wrong. Understanding the political and economic goals of people and speaking against them is free speech and is good, hating people is terrible.

So-called hate crimes have chained free speech, and that is bad. Those who cannot support their position on a subject can be expected to call racism in the debate, and that is not only bad but hypocritical.

Racism. The 2020 Democratic buzz word returns for yet another election run and for Democrats to use this as proof that memories are short on history. Democrats don’t exactly have a clean bill of health on the past. As for this gentleman, he’s entitled to his opinion – and so are we.

I seemed to recall several years ago Lewis made a claim he was spit on and called racial slurs while on his way to a vote. Whatever happened to that after the video evidence proved he lied?

I doubt that Lewis is still competent since he is demonstrating that he does not understand basic English. Trump’s statement was not racist—but mich of Lewis’s rhetoric is very racist.


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